Optimum Supported Housing offers a floating support service where members of staff go into the client’s home to support them. We offer a range of home care services to enable clients to live independently and achieve their personal goals.


Choosing home care is  a crucial decision that should never be taken lightly-even if you are in a crisis and need immediate assistance. There are series of answered questions below.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for from the frequently asked questions, kindly contact us and we will be pleased to answer your questions.


What services does Optimum Supported Housing offer?

We offer a range of home care services. Some of the services are personal care, supported living, respite care and housekeeping.

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Where are the services available?

We are currently operating in several areas in London.

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What is home care?

Home care includes a wide range of care services services which take place in the home of a patient. These services may be required if you are recovering from a hospital stay, if you are disabled or severely ill, or if you need ongoing nursing, social services or assistance with everyday life activities.


Why do I need home care?

Home care is needed for various reasons. You may need home care if you are:

  • In need of assistance in order to live independently at home

  • Recovering from a recent ailment, surgery or hospitalization

  • In need of additional care after being recently discharged from a nursing home

  • Terminally ill, and want end-of – life care at home

  • Disabled and in need of supported living or education about your health condition and how to manage your illness effectively

  • In need of housekeeping

Who provides care?

We have skilled support workers who we refer to as caregivers.

Do the caregivers have the skills for my specific personal needs?

We have caregivers who can provide the following:

  • Companionship

  • Support Services

  • Medication Administration

  • Skilled Nursing

Do the caregivers have the skills for my specific health needs?

At OSH, there are caregivers with diverse skills and training perfectly matched for your specific needs including Autism, Schizophrenia-personality disorder, Autism and Asperger syndrome, Depression and anxiety, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Learning Difficulties, and Addictive disorder.

Are there background checks for caregivers?

Yes, we hire only people that we trust. Also, we match every industry best practice. OSH caregivers are insured employees that have passed criminal background checks and compulsory physical exams. They are also bonded against theft.


Do you monitor your home caregivers?

Apart from background checks, caregivers go through rigorous screening from time to time. Also, there will be scheduled visits.

If you’re concerned about the care or services provided, discuss the issue promptly with us.

Are your home care services only for older adults?

Though majority of our clients tend to be older adults, we accept clients of all ages.