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We offer a range of services to enable young adults and older adults to live independently and achieve their personal goals (job, independent living, make new friends.)

Our services offers good quality of accommodation  to clients, with 24 hours staff cover, also arrangement could be made for 9:00am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and weekends, for clients who does not need a 24 hours support. Our organization offers a floating support service where members of staff goes into the client’s home to support them.

We offer short hold and long- term tenancies for those leaving hospitals, who are ready to move on from short-stay supported housing and individuals who without appropriate housing support would be at risk of illness. We also provide permanent accommodation for those living with learning disabilities.


we do our best to ensure that our services are tailored to meeting clients group needs according to identified age group or needs.


Referrals are accepted from the housing options team, social services ,complex need teams, probation, police and drug interventions programs, CMHT, CLDT and other agencies, including supported housing providers who will help identify suitable applicants.

The service delivers successful outcomes for everyone concerned by giving young adults the skills and support they need to live independently, helping them to address their challenging  behavior, working with community safety partnerships to keep them safe in the local area, and helping commissioners to meet their objectives particularly in relation to strategic housing plans, homelessness strategies and crime reduction plans as well as therapeutic support for clients with learning disabilities.

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We consider clients group diagnosed with:

Dual diagnosis

All types of schizophrenia-personality disorder

Autism and Asperger syndrome

All part of Depression and anxiety

Obsessive compulsive Disorder

Challenging Behaviors

Learning Difficulties

Addictive disorder (alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction)


At home in the free non-limiting environment, we maintain 24/7 highest level of activity ensuring an uncompromising level of service

Our Services

 Personal Care




Supported Living

Personal Assistance

Community/Domiciliary Care

Elderly Care




Young Adults’ Services

Optimum Young Adults’ Services is a unique personalised service facilitated by trained, experienced and committed staff team.

Services are delivered on the basis of an individual care plan, agreed with the young adult and their family, based on their needs.

We also give young adults opportunities to be part of the wider community including educational or learning activities, social events, fitness and leisure activities.


Personalization is all about giving our service users choice and control over their lives. By this we mean offering the support for service user’s rights. The experience and knowledge of our team enables us to clearly understand our service user's changing needs. This will help us to enhance our excellent reputation based on our ability to deliver responsive, reliable, effective and person- centered services for our users. OSH ensures that a personalized outcome-based service is provided  to service user's  requirements with preference.

Our ‘people-first’ approach is at the heart of what we offer. We offer experienced and trained members of staff who are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure the service user needs are covered.

Our Staff

OSH is committed to providing robust bespoke training. This investment leads to consistent team who are highly trained, qualified, and skilled in the key arears of behavioral support, crisis prevention and enablement, including MAPA, CPI intervention, and RESPECT.

Our staffs are loyal and hardworking ensuring a strong continuity of care for our clients.

All staff completes a thorough induction on commencing work and will continue to receive regular training throughout their career with us.

Our staffs are there to provide personalized support when needed.

Our staffs Provides clients with high-quality support and access to housing services that place them at the center of any planning and decision making, enabling them to have control over their lives.

With years of experience delivering support to a range of people, you can put trust in us-no matter how big or small the care.

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Our staff are recruited, supported and trained to:

. Treat people with dignity and respect
. Focus on people’s potential and strengths
. Value each person as a unique individual
. Accept people for who they are and what they have achieved
. communicate effectively
. Be genuinely concerned for the client’s wellbeing
. Be creative and innovative when supporting someone to realize their potentials.


Home Nurse Making Bed

We Support Individuals to:


Become more independent
Maximise the choice and control they have over their lives
Maintain and increase their dignity and self-respect
Play an active role within their communities
Build friendships and networks within local communities
Enjoy opportunities to learn, and grow to realise their potential
Gain the safety and security they need to reach that future.
Our members of staff are DBS checked, medically cleared fit for the job.


We strive to support individuals, families and professionals to find the right support service and to relieve any anxieties concern when searching for support.

Our referral and placement is extremely thorough and enable us to get to know each individual and their support need in as much depth as possible. This allows us to identify and plan support and services in line with individuals need with the person at the center of everything we do. Our Business development team, Directors of operations, Registered manager and chief operating officers are all highly involved from start to finish to ensure that the process is seamless


We have a variety of short and long term, fully-furnished accommodation. We have self-contained flats, shared accommodation, with wheel chair friendly access, ground floor apartments with downstairs toilets and bath.


Our accommodations are close to town centers, social amenities, train stations with friendly and secured environments.

We also offer domicillary services in most areas of Kent, London and Birmingham and other areas in the United Kingdom. Our trained project workers support clients to prevent repeat homelessness.